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This web site is being redeveloped...

...and I'm busy, so it could
take a while.

While you're waiting, go read a book or something... anything, just as long as it doesn't require some kind of consumer electronic gizmo.  Stand up from the computer, get out, and actually
do something... and try leaving both the iPod and cell phone at home, for once.  I promise you won't burst into flame or anything... no matter how much you might actually deserve it.

Go take a walk, preferably in a place that's truly beautiful... or in the rain, maybe.  But take it kinda' slow... leisurely like.  Bother to actually
notice what's around you.  Marvel at something, for goodness sake!  Don't be so jaded.  And make a concerted effort, along the way, to say "hello" and "how are you, today" to people... then watch for the stunned look on their faces.

Or go find a lake, stream, river or some other body of water; sit next to it... and just listen.  Or how 'bout a park?  Most of us have wonderful city or county parks all around us, yet we never actually
use them.  Go find one... preferably with a nice bench beneath a mighty oak or a weeping willow.  So what if a pigeon poops on your shoulder... it'll wash out.  Feed a duck.  Try to coax a squirrel to take a peanut from your hand.  Shake your head in disbelief at all the people who won't pick-up after their dogs like the signs tell them to.  Notice the sounds of children playing in the distance; or of a small crowd of spectators cheering a well-hit softball.  Let the sight of an elderly couple walking hand-in-hand bring a little smile to your face. Smell the air.  Be grateful for the moment.

Or go to church, maybe.  Hey...
there's a novel idea!  Don't be afraid.  Not all church-going Christians are extremist, bible-thumping, right wing nutjobs, you know.  Find a church that hasn't lost its collective mind; that doesn't require you to check yours at the door, and start going.  You may actually be surprised how edifying it can be if you'll just give it half a chance.

Or how about going out and helping someone who really and truly
needs it.  They're everywhere, you know.  You can't throw a rock, anymore, without hitting one... not that you should actually do anything like that, mind you.  But you're smart, right?  It shouldn't be too hard to find someone who could use a helping hand or a little encouragement in life.  Go stand at a soup kitchen serving table, handing-out coffee, milk and juice for a lousy hour or two on Saturdays.  Or volunteer yourself and your gas-guzzling pickup truck or SUV to a food pantry on Tuesday afternoons.  If your town has a homeless shelter or rescue mission, give 'em a call and ask if they need anything.  Heck, you've probably got stuff in your basement or garage that they could actually put to good use, somehow.  And heaven forbid you could send 'em a check for twenty lousy bucks, while your at it.  It doesn't take much, you know.  Don't be so self-absorbed.

One way or the other, stand up from this stupid computer and go do something in
real life... before it finally dawns on you just how much time you've wasted with your hand on that mouse.

Life's short.  This ain't no damned
dress rehearsal.

out there... and try not to screw it up, will ya'?


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